Telecom, Merchant Processing & Payroll

We save time and money for Doctors, Pharmacies, Medical Suppliers, Senior Living Centers, Dentists, B2B Companies and Non-Profits

Merchant Processing

Honest, secure and reliable electronic payments – made simple.

Telecommunication Services

One invoice across all carriers and cable providers -- at up to 40% off!


Don't waste time deciding which package works best for you. Get it all with Payentry!


Web & Ecommerce Solutions

Whether you're a start-up or an established brick and mortar, we have a digital solution.

Telecom Billing Portal

Pay your monthly service fees here by simply clicking the button below.

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Premier Contracted Partner

Premier member can save up to 50% on the services we offer. Premier Contract :# PP-SV-184

What makes us different?

doctor communications and merchant processing


We find time and time again that small and medium sized businesses think they're getting a great deal only to learn that we can cut their fees in half.

medical suppliers communications and merchant processing


Our one-stop solution for your company's needs helps you save on your most valuable asset--your time. And we help save money in the process.

senior living center telecommunicationns and merchant processing


We know that businesses, large and small, come in different shapes and sizes. We offer custom solutions so you don't feel like you're being shoved into a mis-matched hole.

Closeup portrait of happy businesswoman with colleagues in the background


Just like you, we love what we do and it shows. We help bring the joy back into running your company by offering great service to match our great products.

The Sun Communications Commitment

There's a common thread to the products that we offer--helping you, our client, grow your company or organization by offering savings and efficiencies in operating your business. When you're able to manage vital aspects of your business through one partner relationship, with cost effective tools, the sky is the limit. We deliver ladders to help you climb to the top.

Sun Communications, Inc. 
10 Dorrance Street, Suite 700
Providence, RI 02903
United States of America

P. 866-588-1113
F. 203-842-2214


Sun Communications Inc is a Leader in the Healthcare Space for Telecom, Merchant Processing and Payroll Technology. Turnkey Solution Including Product, Service and Integration.  Sun Communications Inc is a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) registered with the FCC.

We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what YOU LOVE – building your business, and increasing sales. Do Less Achieve More.

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