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Small To Mid-Market Business Bundled Telecommunication Services

At Sun Communications, we help simplify running your business so you can focus on what matters most. Growing.

Bundle your network and communications needs to save time and money.


With a range of services, you can rely on one affordable provider freeing you to focus on business instead of technology.


No more worrying about the security of your business and customer information, or that you are putting anything at risk.


Select any Internet and voice service, giving you the connectivity and quality to maximize business opportunities.

Multiple carriers – one bill, one point of contact, same service, for less

Telecommunication Services Offered:

Hosted VoIP – a next-generation business VoIP solution that improves workforce productivity, so you  can focus on running your core business. Requires purchase or lease of IP Phones. This service replaces current phone systems and provides unlimited calling. HIPAA Compliant.

Digital Voice Lines – Full featured VoIP service that is an alternative to POTS (plain old telephone service). Works with your existing phone equipment via an ATA that connects to customer’s router, modem, or switch. 

Internet Access – FiOS, Cable, DSL, Ethernet and Fiber. 

Data Circuits – SD -WAN, MPLS, DS1, DS3, Sonet, Optical Wave, and Metro private lines. 

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Manage Your Telecom Services in One Place

Our Hosted Services Portal is revolutionary because it centralizes all of your communication and hosted services into one user-friendly site. What's more, you can access it from anywhere.

Unlike other customer portals, both you and your employees can make changes to your system and your account in real-time, from a single, intuitive dashboard featuring easy-to-use, widget based architecture that integrates you with all of our Hosted Services products, services and support.

Easily access and manage all of your communications from anywhere,
on any device.

• Listen to business voicemail from anywhere
• Customize permissions to let employees self-manage
• Re-route calls from wherever you are when the office closes unexpectedly
• View the availability of co-workers, then just click-to-call them
• Make company-wide changes at once, in seconds
• Chat instantly with anyone in your organization

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We streamline and bundle your services, helping you save time and money, so that you can focus on doing what YOU LOVE – building your business and increasing sales. Do Less Achieve More.

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